I’m on a mission to change the world.

I’m on a mission to change the world. Seriously. For a while, though, I stopped admitting it out loud.

Like it was impossible.
Like it was a little crazy to even think to myself, let alone to actually say to other people.
Like it was a childish dream I needed to abandon.

The thing is—I love children. And their dreams. And I believe the dreams of our youth continue to offer us deep wisdom and insight as we grow, perhaps the deepest and most insightful glimpses at our true selves.

Over the past two decades, my childhood dreams have played varying roles, from starring front and center, to firmly planted in the audience, and back to stage again. I have followed a unique career path, including working as a personal trainer, actress, lawyer and teacher. In each of these roles, I have enjoyed collaborating with clients and colleagues to inspire personal and collective progress. While my work outside the home has been rewarding and instructive, my most significant growth has undoubtedly come from what I learn each day as a wife and mother of two daughters. Not surprisingly, the aha moment that led me here happened while with my family.

Several years ago on Mother’s Day, I was running a 5K with my husband and then only daughter. We were circling a beautiful park, enjoying the tree-covered path and the still relatively cool breeze. As we rounded the last corner with hundreds of other runners, I saw a woman nearby working out alone. Her exercise of choice: Dancing down the middle of the parking lot. Not timidly either. Her body was fatigued, but moving full out, as if physically expressing gratitude for all that surrounded her. Her face radiated pure joy as she tuned in completely to the anthem playing in her headphones. She had made an asphalt lot into her personal playground. Her confidence, determination, creativity and practicality moved me. In that moment, the parking lot dancer helped me reconnect with my own mission.

Seek & Find Wellness is a venture to change the world by inspiring and supporting holistic wellness. It’s based on the belief that when one of us succeeds, we all do. It’s using my passion, experience, intuition and coaching skills to collaborate with you to help you move toward wellness in all areas of life. It’s physical fitness and nutrition fueled by the things that really matter to you. It’s helping you connect to what you already know deep inside: Wellness is the foundation for fulfilling your dreams.

Let’s find your well together.

Love and Light,

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